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Fundació Bit. Auditori Parc Bit. Centre Empresarial Son Espanyol, Laura Bassi, Palma, 07121, Balearic Islands
20 October 2022 | 12:15h - 14:20h

I don't have a success story to tell, but every step I've taken in each of my small businesses has been a learning experience. In this talk I will tell you what I have experienced and what I have learned.

Marta Ros is passionate about creating new products and user experience and has been an entrepreneur 4 times. He has been working on products for 10 years, launching initiatives in the area of ​​social innovation, health, marketplace; has developed products from scratch to raising capital. He also co-founded a UX agency helping entrepreneurs and companies improve or launch their products.

She has been at FreeNow for 4 years, more than 3 of them as a Lead or Product Director and will soon be joining Infojobs as Product Director.

Date: October 20th at 12:15

Place: Sala premsa de Parc Bit

More information and registrationshttps://www.emprenbit.org/tramuntana-tech-talks-2022-cat