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Business acceleration programme aimed at SMEs created 5 years ago or less, operating in the Balearic Islands and with some innovative component in their product or service.

About Program

The Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca and Innsomnia, through the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), offer you the possibility of boosting your company free and flexible. It is a programme funded by the Recovery, Transformation and Reliance Plan - funded by the European Union - Next GenerationEU. 

Access requirements:

  • To be a SMEs created in the last five years.
  • To develop his activity in Balearics.
  • Working with an innovative product and/or service. 

It is a 100% free acceleration programme for SMEs with the aim of boosting their business growth and expansion through workshops, training and mentoring entirely focused on business growth and development. 

Acceleration phases

The Startups Acceleration Program has three distinct stages that are summarized in:

  1. Formation. 10 group workshops for face-to-face training on different topics will be offered to encourage business acceleration: strategy, innovation, digital marketing, investment, etc.
  2. Mentoring. Each beneficiary company will receive 40 hours of personalized and individualized advice through 90-minute (virtual) one-to-one sessions and a computer monitoring and tutoring platform.
  3. Funding and networking. The programme will make it easier for you to access funding programmes, through local networks and networking. 

Read more details about the phases, requisitions and duration of the program in this presentation prepared by Innsomnia.

Publication date: 10/05/2023