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Terracor success case


The Bit Foundation was notified as a potential beneficiary of the project presented in the EU's Interregional Innovation Investments instrument. 

The Interregional I3 programme is a European Commission financing initiative aimed at supporting interregional cooperation in innovation and investment in innovative projects in Europe. The I3 programme provides funding through calls for projects that are evaluated by independent and selected experts based on their quality, impact and European added value.

Terracor is a fruit and vegetable production company that uses an integrated production system that allows harvesting the product at the optimum time and maintaining commercial production levels, without losing sight of respect for the land and the environment. Environmentally respectful agricultural techniques include work with auxiliary fauna, i.e. the implementation of natural reservoirs to attract insects that help to naturally combat pests and thus prevent the use of chemicals. In addition, Terracor products are mile (0 km) and are only marketed in Mallorca. The reason for this is that in order to achieve the highest organoleptic quality, the product goes from tree to consumer table directly.

Other lines linked to the sustainability implemented by this company are related to the circular economy: on the one hand, it has a packaging return system. On the other hand, in order to prevent food waste and encourage responsible consumption, Terracor works with local NGOs and distributes crops that cannot be marketed among the most needy.

Terracor is part of a business group that simultaneously integrates other footprints like Terragust or Hort de sa Vall; oriented to distribution and restoration, with a very innovative concept when distributing and restoring.

Within the project CESAM, Terracor will cooperate with Asclepios Tech (OCC) to test and test a new technology that allows to reduce the use of chemicals and water, an experiment that would not only help increase the technological preparation of Asclepios Tech technology, but also increase its level of preparation in the UV treatment market of Asclepios Tech for the treatment of the three main diseases of its crops: Moniliose, Mildio and Oïdium.

Furthermore, Terracor will also seek complementarity through one of the challenges of cascade funding: eco-package solutions for its tomatoes, letts and aromatic herbs. The Majorcan company is expected to receive about 100k Euros from the EU through this project.

Publication date: 27/07/2023